XChem’s DIY Adhesives and Sealants find popular use in homes, offices, schools and industries. 

The Fortseal DIY range of products comprises of the following categories :


Fortseal  Cornice Adhesive:

is a high strength pre-mixed acrylic paste adhesive specially formulated to bond polystyrene tiles, roses and lightweight wall tiles – to most construction substrates such as cement, gypsum, plaster, polyurethane, polystyrene, painted surfaces and wood.  FORTSEAL Cornice Adhesive is highly flexible and will not crack over time.

Fortseal Epoxy Adhesive Paste: A general-purpose epoxy adhesive which is packed as a two-component product comprising a resin and hardener.  The mixed paste may be used to fill, seal, coat and bond surfaces such as concrete and plaster.

Fortseal Epoxy Clear  -  Rapid Set: An epoxy-based twin pack product which cures to give a hard and clear permanent bond within a few minutes.  Adheres well to a variety of items and materials such as glass, wood, metal, ornaments, teacups etc.

Fortseal Epoxy Paint: A two-component epoxy resin based coating supplied in various colours.  Popularly used for protection of metal, wood, concrete, plaster, marble and various other surfaces against chemical and water corrosion.

Fortseal Epoxy Putty: A  moldable twin pack epoxy which sets to a rock hard compound used in numerous applications.  Epoxy Putty has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including metal, ceramics, wood, glass, marble and most rigid materials.

Fortseal Epoxy Steel – Rapid Set: Epoxy Steel - Rapid Set is a steel powder-filled twin pack epoxy adhesive which gives metal strength bonds.  It bonds well to almost all hard surfaces and has excellent adhesion to steel, cast iron, aluminium, concrete, wood, glass, brick and stone.

Fortseal Multi–Purpose Adhesive: A rubber based adhesive which bonds to a wide range of materials to give strong clear bonds.  It bonds well to paper, wood, rubber, leather, metal, felt, canvas, plaster, fabric, ceramic, brick, stone and some plastics.

Fortseal PVC Cement – High Pressure: A one component solvent based polyurethane which attacks PVC to give a cemented strong bond. Does not contain the harmful furan solvent.  Has excellent permanent bonding and cementing properties to PVC rigid pipes and shoe soles.

Fortseal Super Contact Adhesive: Super Contact Adhesive is a solvent based rubber adhesive specially formulated to give lasting bonds for many substrates.  The contact adhesive contains no toluene and gives clear high strengths bonds

Fortseal Super Glue: A methyl acrylate based high strength adhesive.  The glue has excellent adhesion to most materials including ceramic, rubber, metal, glass, fabric and stone.

Fortseal Tacky Stuff: A non-hardening all weather product with a long shelf life. Easily regenerated, it can be used again and again in numerous applications.

Fortseal Quick-setting Wood glue: Is a wood working adhesive based on a synthetic polymer emulsion.  The glue has excellent water resistance.  It bonds all types of wood and can also be used to adhere cardboard and paper.


Fortseal Pipe Jointing Compound: Is a silica based, water pipe and jointing compound which cures by oxidation to give flexible bonds.  It is primarily used for the sealing and jointing of galvanized and mild steel pipes.  It also seals plastic pipes.

Fortseal Cable Jointing Kits:  Comprises Polyurethane and Epoxy-based compounds specially designed for electrical jointing and insulation purposes.

Fortseal Silicones:  A range of Acetoxy curing sealants for bath, home and auto/car use designed for DIY application, glazing application, joint sealing and assembly.

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