Our range of Industrial products have been carefully developed and extensively tested to be synonymous with quality and durability. The company uses German technology to manufacture its products with guaranteed quality and service.  The industrial products are categorised primarily into Adhesives, Sealants, Protective Paints and Casting Compounds.

The Fort-tite range of Industrial products comprise of the following categories:

ADHESIVES: The range comprises adhesive solutions that can be used across a multitude of applications.  The range includes epoxy grouting solutions, epoxy primer adhesive solutions, super contact adhesive, epoxy structural adhesives, conveyor splicing adhesives as well as a multi-purpose adhesive.


SEALANTS: This range of products comprises a range of products used across a multitude of sealant applications.  The range includes a cable jointing system, water pipe sealant and jointing compound, rubber based sealants, non-hardening rubber based putties and polyurathane electrical insulating solutions.


COATINGS: This range of products comprises two component epoxy based coatings for metal, concrete, ceramics, brick, stone and wood protection.


CASTING COMPOUNDS: The range comprises PU Casting and Epoxy Casting compound solutions ideal for the foundry industry, electrical jointing and encapsulations, general castings, moulds, dies and jigs production.


BACKING COMPOUND: The Crusher Backing is a two component epoxy and polyurethane based crusher backing resin which is ambient temperature curing with excellent impact and mechanical properties.  It is the ideal protective coating against wear and tear on metal surfaces particularly for mining equipment such as gyratory crushers, mill liners and other heavy equipment.

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